CV3603 – Carb Heat Box by SPA

Product Description

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This part is manufactured by SPA and can be purchased on their website.  Please click the link above for more information.

The Air box for the Corvair engine is designed to provide a Carburetor heat valve and Air duct hose to carburetor adapter in one package.  The filtered air inlet is through the front 2.5 inch opening, the unfiltered carb heat is through the side 2 inch opening.  The 2.5 inch filtered air duct hose attaches to the flange on the air filter box mounted to the lower cowl.

There is a Panther specific air filter and box available separately from SPA.  Contact SPA for more information.

The Carb heat air duct hose is attached to the “heat muff” on the right-hand exhaust system.  The heat muff ends and clamps come with the basic exhaust system.  The shroud and flange must be fabricated by the builder.  Kit includes all hardware needed for assembly.

PLEASE NOTE – if you have a Zenith 601, 650 or 750 and a Cowling Kit from JSWeseman you DO NOT need this.