Corvair Engine Assembly Part 3 DVD


Product Description

Cylinder Heads and Valve Train + Flying Corvairs. Covers assembly of Groups 1500-2900.

Corvair Engine Assembly DVD #3,  the third in my engine building series, covers all subjects relating to the Corvair’s cylinder heads and valve train assembly. The DVD also covers the installation of the front cover and Prop Hub, as well as torque wrenches, fasteners and lubricants used in this phase of assembly.

This DVD illustrates the proven method for permanently adjusting the valves. When a builder has completed the work outlined in this DVD he will have a complete, properly assembled long block. This DVD was produced by SkyManta Productions, the same professional editing facility that helped bring you all our other high quality DVDs. Due to popular demand, this DVD includes outtakes, and footage of flying Corvair powered KR-2s and test bed Stits Skycoupe.