Corvair Engine Assembly Part 2 DVD


Product Description

Everything You Need to Know About Pistons, Rods, Cylinders and Their Installation on the Corvair Motor. Covers assembly of Groups 1300 & 1400.

Corvair Engine Assembly DVD I#2, the second in our engine building series, covers all subjects relating to the pistons, rods and cylinders on the Corvair flight motor. Specifically, it covers standard Corvair pistons, TRW pistons, 88mm VW pistons and 94mm VW pistons.

It covers both Corvair and re-machined VW cylinders, various styles of connecting rods and bolts, bearing installations, wrist pin installation, mounting the rings, installing the pistons in the bores, and assembly installation onto the crankshaft.

When a builder has completed the work outlined in this DVD, he/she will be two-thirds of the way to the proud achievement of a reliable, smooth flying Corvair motor. This DVD was produced by SkyManta Productions, the same professional editing facility that helped bring you all our other high quality DVDs.