Complete KR2/KR2s fiberglass cowling


Product Description

We developed this cowling in 2005 specifically for KR2s builders who selected Corvair power. I invested several thousand dollars having a very elaborate and high quality female mold set made. Although there was little chance of recouping this in the short run, I still felt that KR builders using a Corvair should have a better option than modifying an old VW cowl.

The design has flown on more than 15 Kr’s. This isn’t a large number, but it is plenty of evidence that the design works really well. I specifically designed it to work with our KR mounts and Exhaust systems. The cowl was molded on a KR2s fuselage, but it has been successfully adapted to the narrower KR2 firewall on planes like Steve Makish’s KR2 and Bob Lester’s KR2. It is still being installed on new builds, such as Chris Pryce’s KR2s. It is an excellent working Cowl, with outstanding appearance at a reasonable price.