Zenith Firewall Forward Installation Manual


Product Description

Our Corvair/Zenith Firewall Forward Installation Manual  is 126 pages and it contains a wiring diagram, drawings and 84 large format photos.  It is written in a new format that includes detailed captions on the photos, main and chapter indexes and substantial sections explaining how and why things are done in detail. This feature makes it interesting reading and educational, not just a set of instructions.

The completion of this Manual was a great step forward in the Corvair movement.  Already an enormously popular choice among Zenith builders, the Manual standardizes the installation that has served us through hundreds of flight hours, allowing builders who replicate it to justifiably expect the same success we've always had.

The Bob Mackey, Vice President of Falcon insurance, the EAA's provider, stated this manual was the example, of how an alternative engine installation should be written, and he used this document to obtain the most favorable rates from underwriters for Corvair builders. It was an effective demonstration of how my work with the Corvair is comprehensive, and serves builders complete interests, and is not limited to engine parts.


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