4202 Engine Mount Tray and Spools


Product Description

While I also offer complete Motor Mounts for a number of aircraft, some builders choose to build their own mount or are building a unique design. Many of these people purchase a Tray, Part No. 4202. This gives them a running start at completing a strong, accurate mount for their plane.

The Conversion Manual contains an entire section on motor mounts for the Corvair. This includes drawings and pages of introductory technique to aircraft welding and materials. I even include a section on how to structurally evaluate your motor mount with a physical test. The Tray is the primary part of a Corvair bed-style motor mount, and is common to all the styles of Motor Mounts I have made, Part Nos. 4201 [A-F].

The Tray is made of 4130 aircraft tubing. I use a combination of mig and tig welding to produce each one. The precision jig for the Tray weighs about 50 pounds, guaranteeing a very high degree of accuracy because the Tray cannot warp while under construction. It accepts either the stock oil pan or my own Deep Sump Aluminum Oil Pan, Part No. 2201. The Tray is clearanced to allow my Oil Pan to be removed without pulling the engine. The Tray weighs a mere 1 pound, 13.4 ounces, but has been incorporated into Motor Mounts that were tested to 9 positive Gs without yielding. Each tray is welded in our shop.