4201-D Engine Mount, KR2 and KR2s


Product Description

The majority of Corvair powered KR-2s utilize a Motor Mount that I built. These Mounts work with our KR Cowlings and U-1 Exhaust Systems.

The Corvair is a popular and proven engine for the KR-2 and KR-2S. We have been building Motor Mounts for these airframes since 1999. We have a very strong fixture that produces very accurate Mounts.

They are completely finished welded and ready to mount on the airplane. They’re Tig welded airtight and do not require any further internal corrosion protection. They’re made of 4130 aircraft tubing, and have been tested to G limits in excess of the airframe’s rating.

The tricycle gear Mount is designed to utilize the Dan Diehl nosegear assembly. The socket for this is integrated into the construction of the Motor Mount. Both Motor Mounts feature widespread upper attach points, which effectively spread their loads into the longerons in the sides of the fuselage. The lower attach points are designed to mount to the firewall and the bottom of the aircraft for maximum strength and effective load distribution. A Corvair engine on this Motor Mount puts virtually all KRs in the most desirable part of their CG range. Such an aircraft will not be nose heavy, but it will avoid the highly dangerous tail heavy condition and aft CG issues faced by some KRs with lighter engines.

One Motor Mount covers both the KR-2 and the KR-2S because the S model is not only longer behind the spar but ahead of the spar, also. This effectively moves the firewall ahead slightly to compensate for the additional length of tail on the S.

All engine mounts powdercoated in haze gray.

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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 30 x 30 in