4201-C Engine Mount Pietenpol High Thrust Line


Product Description

In the 1990s,  I made three different Motor Mounts for my Pietenpol aircraft to test CG and thrust lines. The Motor Mounts we build today are based on this information, 30 additional Mounts I’ve built since then, and our in-depth weight and balance tests on 30 Pietenpols completed in 2010-2012. These Mounts are designed to raise the thrust line slightly and have the proper length to work with larger pilots and stay within the design’s 15-20″ CG range.

We hand build each Mount in our own shop. They are completely finished welded, available powdercoated and ready to mount on the airplane. They’re Tig welded airtight and do not require any further internal corrosion protection. They’re made of 4130 aircraft tubing, and have been tested to G limits in excess of the airframe’s rating.

Builders must specify if their fuselage outside width is 24.00″ or 24.25″, the mount can be made to either width, our fixture accommodates the variance in width caused by builders opting to install plywood side skins after the fuselage is assembled. Please send notification of width when ordering.

All engine mounts are now  powdercoated in haze grey.


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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 30 x 30 in