4102-B Nose Bowl


Product Description

The 4201-B is our latest nose bowl and it supersedes the previous 4201 model for all applications.
Developed in 2018-19 initially for STOL applications, the “B” model features enlarged 5.5” inlets, and molded in ‘inlet rings’.  After tests, I have concluded that all Corvair powered planes with cruise speeds below 140 mph will benefit from additional cooling, and the drag of larger inlets was negligible at 140, and not even measurable at 100-115 mph. Thus we now offer the “B” model for all applications, hand have discontinued production of the original 4201 nose bowl.
For builders with original nose bowls, the new “B” cowl is 100% directly retrofittable. It requires no modification to baffling, nor any to the original cowling sheet metal, nor the spinner. The upgrade itself, excluding painting, can be done in less than 2 hours.
Although the development took more than two hundred hours and the manufacture of entirely new molds, at a cost of thousands of dollars, I am introducing the “B” nose bowl at just $14 more than the 2018 price of the previous standard 4201 part. This is to demonstrate my commitment to affordability and to encourage flyers with older cowls to consider upgrading.
Postscript: All builders who ordered a nose bowl in recent months are having their orders now filled with “B” models.  Although I strongly considered offering a trade in program for original purchasers of 4201 nose bowls who choose to upgrade to the new ‘B” model, the goal of keeping the new part as affordable as possible and the decision that the “B” model would now be recommended for all applications precludes both offering credit for them and the demand for earlier nose bowls. In the future we may need a small number of original 4201’s and builders who choose to upgrade may wish to later contact me directly about the possibility of credit toward other items. At this current time we have a stock of original 4201 nose bowls and are not currently accepting returns for credit. -Thanks, William

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 37 x 16 x 16 in