3901-D Universal #3 Tailwind – Special Order

Product Description

3901-D Universal #3 Tailwind РSpecial Order.  Contact us for lead time and availability.

This Exhaust System is made out of the same high quality CNC machined and bent stainless 304 material that is used in our 601/650/750 Exhaust System. This Universal Exhaust is specifically targeted to work on Wittman Tailwinds.

Its elegantly simple look and five minute bolt-on procedure belie the tremendous amount of design, very accurate manufacturing and elaborate machining of the stainless steel subcomponents in the System. The Exhaust System includes the Heat Muff provisions. The single Heat Muff functions to provide both cabin and carb heat. Mounting Clamps are included and are stainless as well. Although the system is not cheap, it is priced far below stainless systems for other six-cylinder aircraft engines, and with modest care, it can be expected to outlast your airplane.


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