3601-E Ellison, Rotec and AeroCarb


Product Description

This intake is for the Ellison, Rotec and AeroCarb style carburetor

These Intake Manifolds are fabricated from CNC bent 1.5″ very thin wall stainless. The carb flanges and mounting hardware are also stainless, and are easily polished to a chrome like finish. These intakes are designed to mate with our low profile welded on aluminum intake pipes on the heads. Both SPA and our shop have jigs to weld the pipes on your heads to mate with these manifolds. If you’re planning on welding the aluminum pipes to your heads yourself, the Intake Manifold can be used as an alignment jig to get the pipes on the correct place on the heads. On this manifold the carb flange canted 13 degrees forward to install an Ellison or Aero-Carb.

This manifold fits most Corvair powered planes with the following exceptions:

Cleanexes ( SPA has this intake)

Panthers ( SPA has this intake)

Tricycle geared KR2’s

Pietenpols with original engine mounts. (this will fit our high thrust line mounts)