3301 E/P Distributor


Product Description

This Re-manufactured Distributor, Part No.3301, is a precision built and thoroughly tested unit. It provides reliable Dual Ignition for Corvair flight engines. There is a summary of my early years of flight testing Corvair ignition systems in the June 2003 issue of Kit Planes magazine. This is a good illustration of how long I have been making flight ignitions. Over 90% of the flying Corvair engines in the world use a Distributor made in my shop.

The E/P Distributor represents the ultimate evolution of my work on these systems. It combines a very rugged electronic ignition and a points system under the same cap. the engine will make full power running on either ignition. I made the first one of these systems in 2006, and have since produced hundreds of them. They are effective enough that most people flying on my previous dual points distributors have since upgraded to an E/P distributor.



Please be advised that the success of this system has occasionally produced copies from other sources.  They don’t have the same track record, and I will not knowingly assist any builder who is using such a system.


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