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2901 Front Alternator Bracket Set


Product Description

The Alternator Bracket set mounts the John Deere alternator on the front end of a Corvair engine. This is has been the “standard” charging system location since 2004. I have used this on our flying airplanes, it has a slight low rpm charging advantage over a rear alternator, but both systems use the same alternator and will make it’s full output at any practical flying rpm.

The bracket set are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. This is flight proven with thousands of hours in the air, flying on well over 100 planes.  Each set includes installation instructions. These Brackets weigh 12 ounces. They are Gold anodized. They work with both standard and fifth bearing engines. Builders seeking the maximum electrical output with redundancy have chosen to run both front and rear alternator systems.

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