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2802 Sandwich Adapter


Product Description

The optional Gold HP Oil Cooler Bypass. It is often referred to as a Sandwich Adapter because when installed, it’s sandwiched between the Gold Oil Filter Housing and the oil filter. It’s held in place by a very accurately machined,  hollow mounting bolt. It can be installed on the Gold Oil Filter Housing in literally one minute. It includes a square o-ring gasket, held in place in a deep recess. The AN-6 fittings for the lines to and from the cooler can be clocked in any position. It contains an all metal cooler bypass featuring a precision spring manufactured by the nation’s foremost supplier of aerospace springs.

On a normal start cycle, the cool oil in the cooler will produce a pressure drop in excess of 7 psi. Any time this is so, this bypass valve senses the pressure differential and allows the oil to bypass the cooler, greatly speeding up the elapsed time until the oil reaches 150F.

I carefully selected the size of the bypass and rate of the spring to match the internal drag of the coolers I recommend. My Web site shows photos of oil tests we conducted going back more than 10 years. A mismatched bypass will allow the engine to run either hot or excessively cool oil temperatures. Engines with excessively stiff springs can easily starve a cold engine for oil and produce damaged #5 and #6 rod bearings. I’ve seen oil systems proposed by people who have no appreciation of how the oil system operates. Our relentless testing and matched components provide flight proven reliability.

The sandwich Adapter is most commonly linked to a  20002 oil cooler. We have this arrangement flying on dozens of aircraft. For extremely high performance oil cooling, it can be linked to a 20003 oil cooler. We flew this combination in our 3,100cc 601 and the ZenVair 701. Both of these coolers directly work with the Baffle Kits that we sell. Typically, Corvair powered aircraft with the Gold Oil System and heavy duty cooler can be flown at any power setting and any airspeed at gross weight on a 100F day for as long as you like without excessive oil temperature.

The Corvair is known for good cylinder head temperature cooling. With the Gold Oil System and heavy duty cooler in place, builders even in the most challenging environments can simply fly the plane and not concern themselves with obsessively monintoring temperatures.


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