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2601-S Standard Gold Oil Filter Housing


Product Description

The Gold Oil System represents the ultimate evolution of my 20 years working with the Corvair engine’s oil system. It is an extremely well thought out flight proven system with great consideration given to installation and operational parameters. It is appropriate for any Corvair powered aircraft.  This model is the “S” or Standard system, which fits almost all Corvair powered aircraft.

These filter housings are manufactured on supremely accurate CNC equipment. The system is an excellent value, but not inexpensive.

After careful consideration, the majority of our builders are going with the Gold Oil System. While some applications, like the 701, simply cannot be built to our specifications without it, it remains the option of choice on most other Corvair powered applications. The basic system is built on the Gold Oil Filter Housing. The Gold Sandwich Adapter and Niagara Cooler are selected by most builders, but are truly options that can be added later to the aircraft.

Because of the Gold Oil System’s sophistication, some builders assume I’m moving away from being a champion of low cost engines. On the contrary, my goal always has been larger than teaching people how to build economic engines. My real task is to have builders successfully operate them after building them with the same reliability and performance we’ve always gotten out of our own engine installations. If you’re just getting started on your Corvair engine, picture yourself looking back from your future vantage point as a successful builder flying your completed aircraft, with the ease of installation and consistent known performance of these systems that makes their value readily apparent.

This housing bolts in place of the stock GM oil filter housing on your rear accessory case. It is precision machined to exacting tolerances and bolts right on any rear case in 5 minutes. It is designed to accept the highly efficient and extremely light K&N 1008 Oil Filter. This oil filter is readily available at auto parts stores, and features an internal bypass and an aircraft style safety wirable nut.

The housing has three ports. The largest is a 1/2″ NPT port to handle standard mechanical temperature senders. This port is located at the highest point of oil temp in the engine. Sensing the temp in the pressure oil stream ahead of the cooler reliably and accurately gives us temperature information. Any builder using this housing can relay his temp info to us and we’ll be able to accurately assess this information. Also machined are two 1/8″ NPT pressure ports. These measure pressure at one of the lowest spots in the engine, again giving consistent and accurate information that can be compared with our known parameters.

On installations utilizing electric fuel pumps, one of the ports will operate the Nason safety switch. These ports also make excellent feed locations for external oil lines to turbos or Fifth Bearings. The housing works with all of our Baffle Kits, coolers and Cowling Kits. The housing can be utilized on engines with stock 12-plate or folded fin coolers.  The housing comes with the mounting hardware and installation instructions included. We’ve personally mounted it on dozens of engines, many of which we ran on our dyno.


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