Corvair Flight Operations Manual


Product Description

In 2009 I had ten articles from ten of the leading pilots in the Corvair movement, all timeless information based on first hand lessons learned. The document includes articles from Mark Langford, Dr. Andy Elliott, Rick Lindstrom, Joe Horton, Dan Weseman, Phil Maxson, Dr. Gary Ray, Woody Harris, and Louis Kantor. It is a valuable enough work that it carries the recomdation of Zenith Aircraft President Sebastien Heintz, for all builders, not just the ones who selected the Corvair. Covers many different facets from first flights to efficiency flying  A must have document for your aviation library.


An excerpted story:

.The two minute test


The flight ops manual is specifically aimed at builders planning on better test flights and more intelligent airborne operations. This information complements our engine operations reference page at this link:

Engine operations reference page