1300 – 1400 Groups 2,775cc Kit


Product Description

This kit includes Pistons, Cylinders, Connecting Rods and Gaskets for a 2775 Corvair.

These pistons are a .060″ overbore on a stock 1965 Corvair cylinder. They are aimed at being able to run 89 octane auto fuel with 95 heads or 92 octane with 110 heads. Because they are a bored, the cylinder set is several pounds lighter than a smaller engine, and lighter than a 2,850 with it’s thicker wall full-fin cylinders. The 2,775 is an excellent displacement choice for a builder working on a 100HP class engine, who also wishes to have all the advantages of a very modern, made in America piston design.

Unlike the 3,000 cc engine, the 2,775 requires no machining to the case. It is truly a ‘bolt together’ kit. The cylinders used are original GM ones, and if the builder has 1964 heads these can have the head gasket area increased to the 1965-69 size when the heads are remanufactured.
Because these pistons are made with spiral locks, they can have floating wrist pins, and be easier to assemble than stock pistons which need to heat the rods to install the wrist pins.  For this reason, I recommend builders use the new billet rods, which are included in this kit. The ring sets are .060″ over Hastings Chrome rings, the same ones we have put into Corvairs for more than 20 years. Because these are a standard Corvair part, they are a readily available and inexpensive part if the builder should ever opt to replace the rings in the engine.

Kit includes:

Forged piston set

Chrome piston ring set

New wrist pins and spiral locks

Six re-bored cylinders, honed for the correct 220 finish

New Connecting Rods, honed to fit the Piston Pins

Set of 6 Base Gaskets

Set of 6 Head Gaskets

Order of this part requires sending in your original cylinders as an exchange.


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