1100 Camshaft Group


Product Description

Cam Shaft Kit includes everything in the 100 Group required to build an engine. This cam is made in the US, by a custom company working with pattern information I developed with Harvey Crane in the 1990’s.  The gear is a billet gear made in the US, and it comes installed on the cam. This kit allows builders to have an improved cam, avoiding any issue with loose cam washers.  This is a ‘drop in’ kit for your engine. In the first year of availability, we supplied more than 100 of these cams to builders.

The kit contains the following:

Cam group (1100)

1100- Cam

1101- Thrust washer

1102- Key

1103- Cam gear

1104- Hydraulic lifter set -12 total-

1105- Cam lubricant

1106- ZDDP oil additive


This kit requires the builder to send in the old cam from their core engine. It can still have the original gear on it


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